Welcome to the University Karate Club – UKK

Ukk is a modern Karate club, dedicated to train and teach the Chito Ryu tradition of Karate-do. The club is affiliated with the International Chito-Ryu Karate Federation(ICKF). As the club has existed since 1972, and a majority of these years as a student club, it has a lot of experience in training and teaching students at the University of Bergen. We want to be a club that can offer students good physical training, knowledge in Martial arts, but also social activities and great company.

Do you want to be a part of this?? Don´t hesitate to contact us, or just show up on one of our trainings. All you need is to wear a sweatsuit, no shoes and show up! We look forward to meet you.

The cost

The costs of training with UKK is very reasonable. Beginners pay 500kr for a semester.

Account number: 1503.05.62221

Pay to:
Universitetets karateklubb
Postboks 1187, Sentrum
5811 Bergen

Remember to write name and what it is about on the transaction.


The University Karate Club, UKK, is an established and well-run club at the Bergen Student Centre. The club was started in 1972 and is one of the oldest karate clubs in Norway. UKK started with Chito-ryu karate in 1992. Up to then, the club had been training a Shotokan type of karate. Since 1994, the club has produced a lot of black belts within the style of Chito-ryu karate.
The club has been recognized as the best club in Hordaland in both kata and kumite several times over the years. Also UKK’s members have brought home medals in every Soke Cup since 1998. Soke Cup is Chito-ryu’s World Cup tournament, and is arranged every 3rd year.
UKK has close ties to its sister clubs in Japan, China, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Finland and other cities here in Norway.

UKK today

The daily trainings at UKK is today lead by a group of black belts. Highest ranked is Trond Erdal, 4th dan Shihan (ICKF). To help with the daily training, there are also a number of other black belts that is active as instructors for the benefit for UKKs members. Everyone of these has a long history within  karate on a high level.

Instructors visiting from abroad

Since 1992 UKK has had an impressive amount of highly graded and qualified karate instructors from abroad. The leader of our branch, Soke Sensei, has visited us several times with Tanaka Sensei. The latter is Japanese master in karate and world champion in our branch of karate, Chito-ryu.